Older versions

Until the end of Microsoft support for Windows 7 (14.1.2020) the PSTCT, Compact-TCT and Scanning software was compiled on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2008 and LabView 2010. For running the software LabView 2010 Run Time Engine is required. You may already have it installed if you use products from National Instruments. Unpact it to a temporary folder and install it. In most cases for communication with power sources, oscilloscopes and stages NI-VISA driver is required. It can be obtained from National Instruments page or downloaded from here (NI-VISA 5.2 driver). The drivers/software for the computer controlled stages can be downloaded here (XILab driver) . This has to be installed before running the acquisition software.
Please note that the software runs also on Windows 10, but in order to be up to date with security patches and updates both from Microsoft and National Instruments, future versions will be compiled with LabView 2019 and VS 2019.