DUT is mounted on the support plate which is in thermal contact with the Peltier element. The support plate is fixed with 4 screws to the water cooled aluminum block. Peltier element is sandwiched between the two aluminium parts as can be seen on the photo. A Pt100 sensor is fixed to the support plate. The cooling block is fixed to the x-y moving stage.

A pad diode in the standard mount fixed to the support plate is shown in the figure. A coaxial cable with SMA connector provides connection to the Bias-T used.

For Edge-TCT detectors are fixed to a copper block ensuring good thermal contact of DUT with the support plate and fixed at an angle of 90 degrees to the mount as can be seen in the figure. Figure shows a strip detectors prepared for Edge-TCT measurements. The mounting element has 3 SMA connectors. For standard E-TCT measuremnets 2 connections are needed: a connection of bias voltage to the bias ring and to the metals of the strips near the signal strip and connection of the metal of the signal strip to Bias-T.

Standard and E-TCT mounts are available.