Particulars Pulsed Lasers

Pulsed lasers Particulars lasers are designed for use in Transient Current Technique applications. Unlike the lasers in the market where the laser head is sepparated from the laser driver the Particulars lasers combine both laser diode and laser driver in a single unit. The key to this configuration is in an inovative laser driver (patent pending) which enables high power current pulses of around 300 ps to feed fast laser diodes. A microntroller steers the laser driver and allows for a variety of useages which are controlled by a PC over the USB ports. The output of the laser diode can be fibre coupled or a focusing lense and collimator are used to produce a narrow beam with spot size of around 1 mm.

Types of Lasers (other wavelengths on request):
Wavelength ID of the laser
1064 nm,fibre coupled laser FC LA-01 IR FC
980 nm, fibre coupled laser FC LA-01 NIR FC
660 nm, fibre coupled laser FC LA-01 R FC
520 nm, fibre coupled laser FC LA-01 G FC
405 nm, fibre coupled laser FC LA-01 B FC
1310 nm, bare/open diode LA-01 FIR B
1064 nm, bare/open diode LA-01 IR B
935 nm, bare/open diode LA-01 NIR B
640 nm, bare/open diode LA-01 R B
520 nm, bare/open diode LA-01 G B
405 nm, bare/open diode LA-01 B B
Specifications common to all laser types:
Parameter Properties
Laser diode
wavelength: 405 nm - 1064 nm
pulse power: few m.i.p. - few 100 m.i.p. (equivalent in 300 micron Si)
pulse width: <350 ps - 4000 ps (tunable)
coupling: single 4 um core fibre FC or open/bare diode
control: with PC over USB
running mode: single pulse: 50 Hz - 1MHz
patter mode: mHz to 100 kHZ
1024 bits deep sequence of pulses
minimum distance between two pulses 440 ns
external control: external NIM logical signal
I/O: ext. trigger in/trigger out MC/trigger out laser
control Microsoft Windows program
application interface: