Compact TCT (Conventional/Educational)

The conventional TCT is na ideal tool for investigation of semiconductor material properties. The beam spot is around 1 mm wide and is ideal for pad-detector studies. Different wavelengths can be selected ranging from 404 nm to 1064 nm. The sensor is mounted on the Peltier element (water or air cooled), which allows for measurements in the range from -20C to 60C (depends on the type of coolant). The system is very lightweigth and portable and is also ideal for studying the semiconductor properties at laboratory courses. A special set of samples can be provided for this use.

Component Parameter Properties
Laser diode
wavelength: 404nm - 1064 nm (see lasers tab)
pulse power: few m.i.p. - 100 m.i.p. (equivalent in 300 m Si)
pulse width: <350 ps - 4000 ps (tunable)
coupling: open - beam width in waist of ~1 mm
control: with PC over USB
running mode: single pulse: 50 Hz - 1MHz
patter mode: mHz to 100 kHZ
1024 bits deep sequence of pulses
minimum pulse width 440 ns
external control: external NIM logical signal
I/O: ext. trigger in/trigger out MC/trigger out laser
positioning: manual
frequency range: <0.3 MHz->2000 MHz
bias range: 1000 V
Mounting brackets
cooling type: Peltier element
heat remover: water / inlets provided
cooling power: 40W (dT~40C)
sample box: 2.5x3 cm2 - other sizes optional
mounting plane: 5x5 cm2
Full DAQ: adaptation for specific oscilloscope, power source not included
analysis software: root based package