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Example of reading PSTCT file.

  gSystem->Load("TCTAnalyse.dll"); // load the dll library
   PSTCT stct("NTypeDiode-300um-FocusFind-IR.rtct",28.6,2); // measurement file
      // 1st parameter : file_name is the name of the file
      // 2nd parameter : set the scale such that signal start at t=0; 
      // 3rd parameter : Byte order (little/big endian), default  =2 
  stct.CorrectBaseLine();   // Correction for the DC offset, uses the data before t=0
  stct.PrintInfo();           // Information about the read data 

 TCanvas res("Example","Example",1200,800);
  stct.GetHA(0,20,0,0,0,0).Draw(); // plot the first waveform taken
                                  // parameters ch, x, y, z, U1, U2 - all indexes
  histo->DrawCopy("SAME");             // plot the first waveform with x index =0;
  stct.Draw(0,1,0,0,0,0,0,20).Draw("COLZ");// Draw 2D plot of integral X,Z
  // X=direction of metalization crossing during focus find 
  // Z=distance of the laser to the sample 
  // note the sharp transition when crossing the metal is where the focus is the best