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Averaging waveforms in oscilloscope
17-06-2016 12:02
Is it fine to average waveforms in oscilloscope when we are operating at a laser frequency of 1 kHz. If yes, how many? Or to put this question in a different way: During the time interval of user-specified "time between moves", when exactly does the DAQ software commands "Record this WF"?
15-10-2016 14:20
Hi Tanay, Yes 1 kHz is a very fine frequency which is low enough not to create a space charge changes due to trapping/detrapping processes in irradiated sensors (at non-cryo temeperatures). On the other hand it is high enough that averaging works fast and speeds up data taking. The number of waveforms included in averaging depends on the noise level as well as on the required speed of DAQ. Around 100 is advisable. The cycle goes: move, wait, take WFs, move , wait .... "Record this WF" records a single waveform to disk in ASCII format. Cheers, Gregor
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