Is my Laser working?
Very likely yes if you see green LASER ON indicator. The reason why you don't see IR laser is beacause the intensity of TCT lasers is low. You won't be able to spot IR light with a display card, but that doesn't mean the laser is not working. Remember it is a pulsed laser and even with repetition frequency of 100 kHz and typical pulse width of <1ns you will get only 0.01% of the power in CW operation. In order to test the laser do the following - you need a normal silicon diode. If you have one that came with the setup that is perfect. Try the following test:
1.) Connect the test diode to the SMA cable Start the laser and run the Particulars Laser Control software. It should have USB status connected and the ON indicator green.
2.) Go to pulse width, press "Enable DAC" and Set Laser pulse width to e.g. 30% (Set new value), go back to Single frequency and set 500 Hz.
3.) Unscrew the laser from the optics and point the laser to the diode through the hole in the diode (test diode that was supplied with the system) housing. The diode should be biased to say 50 V.
4.) If you see the trigger pulse (negative pulse) the diode should respond immediately after it.
5.) You should see the signal (if the amp stopped working for any reason the noise remains constant when switched off or on) .
6.) You can reduce the "DAC value" to say 5%, but then you should see the signal even without amplifier.