Welcome to Particulars

We are experts in designing, building and running Transient Current Technique (TCT) apparatus for studies of various semiconductor devices and materials. We offer optimized components required for building a TCT apparatus as well as assembled setups with software tools for data acquisition and data analysis. A long term experience in using the technique allows us to provide our customers with optimum systems at very affordable price. Different configuration of setups offer optimum time saving solutions for various field of research ranging from educational and classical setups to the most advanced scanning TCT setups with excellent spatial resolution.

What we do

    The products are related to Transient Current Technique:
  • 1. Completely assembled TCT setups for educational use to the high-end applications in science.
  • 2. Individual components for assembling your own TCT measurement setup. These include fast pulsed lasers, amplifiers, decoupling circuits, filters, mounts, samples etc.
  • 3. Software for data acquisition, analysis and consultations


  • 14.12.2016 A new version (version 1.8) of the PSTCT.exe has been released. The most important changes:
    -support for Large Scanning-TCT system
    -improved beam monitor capabilities
    -additional support from Voltega sources (new iterfaces NI-VISA, affordable GPIB-USB controlles) - in version 1.80 a full support is for Ke 237.
    -an interface for long term waveform taking is added
  • 17-19.10.2016 : 2nd TCT workshop took place at JSI in Ljubljana. The talks/contributions can be found here . Particulars Ltd. were a proud sponsor of the event.
  • 4-5.10.2015 : 1st TCT workshop took place at DESY in Hamburg. The talks/contributions can be found here .
  • 6.8.2015 A new version (version 1.6) of the PSTCT.exe has been released. The most important changes:
    -the problem with XYZ (XIlab) stage controller was fixed
    -adding the beam monitor capabilities to the software
    -swaping of axis in stage controll was added